Think fire safety this Spring

Spring is here and we encourage all households to consider fire safety during your ‘spring clean’ to prepare your home for the warmer months.

Check out the list of handy tips and hints below:

  • take the time to spring clean your smoke alarms by using a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust particles, which can hinder the smoke alarms’ performance in a fire situation
  • clear out any rubbish, piles of old newspapers, cardboard boxes and unused furniture and ensure that nothing is blocking the exit and escape points in the home
  • clean your cooking appliances and remove the build up of grease from range hood filters as part of any spring clean
  • household chemicals, such as pesticides, pool chemicals, and caustic cleaning agents can accelerate the spread of a fire and produce a lot of toxic smoke. Make sure garden and household chemicals are locked well away from children and check the manufacturer’s instructions on the containers regarding storage and use of these chemicals.
  • prune back branches on shrubs and trees in your garden to minimise the fuel load for a potential fire and clean the outside of your house by removing leaves from gutters, roofs and downpipes and fit quality metal leaf guards
  • check  power points and power boards to make sure they’re not overloaded and inspect electrical cords and equipment for damage

And of course, households are always better protected from fire by following a few fire safety precautions and having a working smoke alarm and home escape plan.

Stay safe this Spring with Quell.