Why is my smoke alarm beeping?

Written by Quell Australia - May 16 2016


Peter Fitzsimons
July 08 2017

I replaced my 3 smoke detectors with Quell Q1300’s 2-3 years ago’s. They are all dated 10 September 2014. Within the last 3 months all 3 units started to go off repeatedly. We would reset them and 5-10 minutes later they would go off again. I tried the various fixes on this page but nothing stopped this behaviour.

Shane Drew
May 09 2017

We have one alarm of several alarms in our house that were put in after the new law was passed here in Qld. One bedroom one goes off at all hours of the night but is fine during the day. It’s only just started in the last couple of days. As a last ditch effort to avoid having our alarms go off at 2am every 15 minutes, we put the heater on in the room. It hasn’t beeped again. Coincidentally, it’s the coldest room in the house.

Terry Harris
April 24 2017

I have a 10 year Quell Ionisation Smoke Alarm Model Q910 which I bought last year, it has started to beep a few times. What is the matter with it and how do I stop this.

simon ennor
April 20 2017

i have 11 of these in the house yes not cheap this is the Model P3010B and they are not cheap even though that’s what they do all night as well alarm in the middle off the night for no reason at all . I have ensured they were free from dust and cleaned as i is costly and don’t want to spend more then i have to . i have already replaced 5 from our local Bunning’s store and as i write this i have another 2 to deal with . I also have another 5 in my investment house( i did buy all these at the same time when it was past as law ) i have had to replace 2 there touch wood . They are suppose to be good for 10 years they seem to be good for 2 months if your lucky. AS i wrote in my e-mail to you WHAT IS GOING ON i would like to stick to your product but you got some work ahead of you. Or what is the solution ????

March 28 2017

My smoke alarm has the same symptom as Clare. My smoke alarm goes off randomly in the middle of the night, it was only fitted a year ago and is a 10 year one. It beeps 3 times then just stops every now and again.

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