Holiday tragedies can be prevented with a few simple steps

Written by Quell Australia - November 02 2015


December 10 2015

I can’t stress hard enguoh that everyone should have a CO detector as well. My daughter and granddaughter lived in an apartment with a gas heater and suffered CO “poisoning” due to an improperly burning/combusting pilot light. It took two and a half months to figure out what was causing the excruciating headaches and other symptoms. Eight doctors couldn’t figure it out. Normal output should be 0 parts per million. Hers was 215. We are very blessed and fortunate. The exposure ended almost four years ago and she’s regained almost all of her brain functions, mostly in the executive function and memory areas. She’s not where she was pre-exposure, but she’s getting better all the time. Healing takes a very long time for Traumatic Brain Injuries. It’s a wait and see game with my granddaughter. Little brains can compensate for a lot. Everyone should have a carbon monoxide detector. The best ones, and they’re not that expensive, are the ones that give a numerical readout. I’ll get down off my soapbox now.

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